How Are MLM Leaders Defined

 This has to be one of the most sensitive subjects I’ve decided to post.  But one of things I decided to do when I started this blog was tackle the tough subjects.  Aside from total transparency, my desire is to shine a light on MLM leaders with a floodlight.  Granted you may not see leadership the same way I do, but that’s ok, I don’t expect everyone that reads this to agree with me after all.  Bottom line; I didn’t want to be a softy when it came to the touchy subjects, including how leadership relates to making money in this industry.  And trust me, some of the Gurus are going to hate this post because it may potentially attack their credibility.

If one were to read any of John Maxwell’s authored works one would find the definition of leadership to be influence, pure and simple.  However, there are other leaders in this industry that would define MLM leadership as the ability to influence in others the desire to follow you and take action.  Jim Rohn, a great philanthropist, network marketer, and mentor to Tony Robbins implies that leadership is the ability to help others to see themselves where they could be, rather than where they are.

All of these philosophies are great, but how does this pertain to our current MLM leaders?  Well, I will start by first asking you to define what you want out of a leader.  Granted there are certain characteristics that make strong leaders; confidence, patience, temperance, and integrity, but there are many more that vary between leaders that may draw you closer to one, rather than another.  One of the strongest traits for me was the way in which a MLM leader earns his money.

I always believed (and still do), that true leadership is in ones ability to drive depth in an organization.  For new people that don’t know what this means, simply put it is sponsoring someone that sponsors someone, that again sponsors another person.  Basically, having a sponsored leg three to four levels deep denotes true leadership.  Why do I make this statement you might ask?  Well, because it proves that the leader has trained someone capable of training other people to train (true duplication, read it again).  Now don’t get me wrong, you can make loads of money by sponsoring in width.  I’ll agree that having tons of width is better than nothing since you’re at least earning a paycheck.  But remember, there’s always a better way.

I can still remember coming online and going to countless webinars and watching these gurus talk about the boatloads of money they had made.  I’d watch screenshot after screenshot of his or her down-line and their incredible width, I mean thousands of people in width, but hardly any depth!  Now that’s some serious cash.  But I’d challenge you to show me the foundation to that business 6 months after slowing down or not working it.  It’s built on sand.  It won’t last.  Lots of money, but not MLM leaders the way I view leaders.  It’s no wonder those so-called successes go on to teach marketing rather than continue in MLM (those who can’t teach, teach gym remember?  Sorry if I offended any gym teachers!)  Remember, how you want to make money in this industry is important.  And how you view your ideal leader is important; why you might ask?  Because (it took me some time to realize this), your ideal leader(s) are partially a makeup of your vision in what you want to become (Click! – sound of light coming on).

So to summarize my view of MLM leadership, in a nutshell it looks like this:  A solid leader in this industry is someone that can find the potential leaders in their organization, train them, and deploy them into the marketplace; regardless of how much width that leader has sponsored.

Don’t let my philosophy discourage you from making money.  If you don’t have depth in your organization and you’re only learning how to sponsor in width that’s fine, continue to make money ethically.  But don’t lose sight of a vision that could be far greater than what you’re aspiring to now!

 To Your Trials & Successes

Jason Lee

Author : Jason Lee

Jason Lee is a 34 year-old aspiring entrepreneur from the Great Northwest state of Washington who strives to make the internet a better place for everyone involved in MLM.


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