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How Are MLM Leaders Defined

 This has to be one of the most sensitive subjects I’ve decided to post.  But one of things I decided to do when I started this blog was tackle the tough subjects.  Aside from total transparency, my desire is to shine a light on MLM leaders with a floodlight.  Granted you may not see leadership the same way I do, but that’s ok, I don’t expect everyone that reads this to agree with me after all. Read the rest of this entry

Network Marketing Is A Legitimate Home Based Business?

I can’t count how many conversations I’ve had with people regarding whether network marketing is a legitimate home based business.  Although these conversations were obviously with my cold market, they were interesting nonetheless. Read the rest of this entry

Donald Trump enters the world of multi-level marketing

What happens when you combine one of the world’s most ridiculed business personalities with one of the world’s most ridiculed business models?

The Trump Network, the new Donald Trump-branded multi-level marketing business that is “designed to make people healthier with customized vitamins and nutritional supplements, and to encourage individuals to become entrepreneurs and to take control of their financial well-being.” Read the rest of this entry

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