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How Hugh Hefner Built His Half A Billion Dollar Enterprise “Playboy” !!!

Hugh Hefner Playboy

Hugh Hefner and his magazine Playboysingle-handedly transformed the adult entertainment industry as the world knew it, and has since become a multimillion dollar business endeavour that has expanded to incorporate television, web ventures, clubs, and more. Read the rest of this entry

Google News Goes Opt In In Germany

 has changed the way that Google News works: but only in Germany. The change is as a result of legal changes in that country. Essentially, now, German publishers can or have to opt in to their product being indexed by Google News. Rather than the previous system of assuming that if it was on the net and not protected by robots.txt, then it would be included.

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The Future Of Shopping Is Virtual


Peapod is stealing a page from Tesco and trying out virtual shopping inChicago, where commuters now encounter shelves of virtual product in the subway tunnel, making it easy to scan and buy groceries en route. Read the rest of this entry

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