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Six Lessons Learned From Turning My Passion Into A Business

Everyone dreams of pursuing their passion. “If only I could just find a way to make money doing what I love,” you’ll hear people say. The allure of spending every precious waking minute of your life pursuing a hobby that puts money in your pocket enters almost every entrepreneur’s mind at some point. While nothing is more satisfying than doing something you love, is it worth it? Will it even work? And how do you avoid turning your hobby into your biggest nightmare? Read the rest of this entry

How Playing It Safe Can Ruin Your Life

Scared To Take Risks - Stop Playing It Safe

Have you ever missed out on a great opportunity because you played it safe?

Think about it. Look back over your life and think about the things you could have done. The opportunities you could have taken, the people you could have befriended, the experiences you could have savoured. Read the rest of this entry

25 Inspirational Quotes By The Highest Performing CEO’s

CEO business Quotes

 Inspiration can come to us from a number of different sources, in a variety of different forms. Inspiration can be vital to us. It is what makes our visions and ideas stand out from the competition. Yet if we are not cautious, in a blink of an eye, the inspiration can vanish like the sun descending on the day, giving way to the vast nothingness of the black of night. Read the rest of this entry
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