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The Hide and Seek Of Happiness – Where To Look and How To Find It…

Finding Happiness The Bucket List

I just finished watching the film, ‘The Bucket List’, one of my all time favourite, feel-good movies. Not only do I like the entertaining duo of Morgan Freeman the benevolent, wise soul and Jack Nicholson, who has the alacrity of a 5 year old, but I also like the significance of the film. ‘Our quest in life’. I think we all spend our lives on a quest. Osho referred to life as a quest and not a question, maybe a quest for meaning, for love, perhaps an esoteric piece of wisdom and for many … the quest for happiness. Read the rest of this entry

Build Your Small Business Brand by Avoiding These 5 Common Pitfalls…


Every business starts out with the hope of a bright future, but some companies just can’t build a solid reputation or overcome obstacles as they climb the ladder.

Building your company’s image, or branding, is as essential as the products or services you actually provide, and you’ll want to steer clear of these common mistakes. Read the rest of this entry

How Hugh Hefner Built His Half A Billion Dollar Enterprise “Playboy” !!!

Hugh Hefner Playboy

Hugh Hefner and his magazine Playboysingle-handedly transformed the adult entertainment industry as the world knew it, and has since become a multimillion dollar business endeavour that has expanded to incorporate television, web ventures, clubs, and more. Read the rest of this entry

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